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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Is There a Current List of all the OSR Zines?

I ask, because I'd like to list them and their associated websites when I get Unofficial OSR out at the end of the summer.

Our corner of the hobby is small but tight, and additional exposure does the OSR as a whole a good thing.

I may also include a listing of all of the OSR games, but I think I'm more likely to finish that list on my own than the zine list. Zines are more like to fall through the cracks and can be harder to track down.

Print, PDF or both. I know of a bunch that are defunct these days, but I'd like to support the ones I haven't found yet ;)


  1. These you are already probably aware of but just in case.....

    AFS Zine #3 almost out. #1 and #2 were killer

    Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols

    The Dungeon Crawl


  2. The Manor

  3. Rended Press maintains a list of OSR zines:

  4. Yep, this:


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