Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My "Free RPG Day" Targeted Acquisition List ;)

Free RPG Day is this Saturday. I really can't think of a better day then the day right before Father's Day.

This year I have the following items on my list of targets:

Hall of Bones from Frog God Games

Better Than Any Man from LotFP

The DCC RPG / XCrawl combo from Goodman Games

Fire Dwarves of Zorr” for dT&T from Flying Buffalo

and maybe Shadows of the Black Sun from FFG

Of course, the family responsibilities will have me at my in-laws in Connecticut for most of the day, so I expect I'll be hitting Noble Knight Games' online store as I did the last two years.

With Noble Knight, you can pick one free item for every $15 (if i recall correctly - I could be wrong) in purchases you make.

So, I have two questions to throw out there to y'all:

1 - What are you looking to pick up on Free RPG Day?

2 - Any suggestions for RPGs I should be looking to buy to qualify for the free rpgs? I know the Warhammer 40k stuff is fun to read, even if I'll never get a chance to run it ;)


  1. I don't know yet. Is there a list somewhere of what is up for grabs this year?

    1. hit the Free RPG site i have linked in the post - it has them all listed

  2. I'm hoping to get Better than Any Man and the C&C adventure. Trouble is, there's nothing remotely in my area this year; two stores that participated last year aren't doing so this year, so I have to drive in to Pennsylvania. Probably take an hour. *sigh*

  3. I'm going to get multiples of everything and sell them at inflated prices on eBay!!!! Muhahaha. I jest.

    My list is about the same as yours, Eric. Have to drive to Denver to grab them when store opens at 1130. Road Trip!!

  4. Where in CT will ya be? I'm running a game of DCC in Norwalk at Battlegrounds. He will have the Free RPG stuff. We have the same list BTW.


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