Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Latest Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day Posts - Volume 10.8

Volume 10.8 because it puts us at 108 highlighted and linked posts for the S&W Blogfest :)

iDungeon Crawl -S&W Appreciation Day – Because Three Heads are Better than Two - In this 3rd installment of the S&W Appreciation Day series, I thought I might pass along some new monsters, scavenged up from my favorite medieval bestiary...

MONDBUCHSTABEN - Rätsel & Ringe -Swords & Wizardry kam auf leisen Sohlen. Ein Nachzügler der Retroklone, nachdem man denken konnte, dass mit OSRIC und Labyrinth Lord schon alles gesagt worden sei (und Hackmaster oder Castles & Crusades sich in ihre jeweiligen Nischen/Sackgassen zurückgezogen hatten).

The Eye of Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends -S&W Bonus: Doors in the Dungeon - So I had another post ready for tomorrow, but I thought, "Why not today?" So here you get my S&W bonus post -- Doors!

Dungeon of Signs - Swords & Wizardy - Appreciation - A Post About the Old School -Swords and Wizardy is an early edition D&D clone, designed to evoke the 1979 or earlier edition of TSR D&D.  It does a good job an S&W is an excellent retro clone, but how closely does it actually mirror the old edition?

Venger's old school gaming blog -Things happen while they sleep -This is a random chart for things occurring while adventurers get some well-deserved shut eye.  Happy Swords & Wizardry appreciation day, everyone! 

Infinite Dragons -Free Module for S&W AD! IDA0: Plague-Stricken Halls - Although I haven’t played much of it, S&W strikes me as a great system—clearly written, it retains the spark of the Original rules while smoothing out some of the more incomprehensible quirks.

EdOWar's Blog - S&WAD: Rayguns & Wizardry -Continuing my trend of science-fantasy related material for Swords & Wizardry, I give you RAYGUNS!  These were designed with S&W Whitebox in mind, but should work well enough with standard S&W (or any other version of The Game you prefer).

Mythmere's Blog - Posting Highlights and Links to the S&W Blogfest


  1. I think you did not notice my post ;).

    1. definitely missed - will add it to the next post - this has been overwhelming in a good way ;)

  2. Just posted mine, Tenk!


    I want to post again later tonight, with another monster I created! Stay tuned...


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