Monday, April 15, 2013

Legendary Realms Terrain – Themed Dungeon Rooms "Unboxing"

So, I got it deep on the Legendary Realms Terrain Kickstarter, and it was waiting for me in two boxes when I arrived home this afternoon.

The boxes way a f'n ton! This shit is solid as a rock, and nearly weighs as much. I'm not sure if I would take this with me if I were gaming anywhere but home. At the very least, I'd prefer to drive to my gaming location with these.

The do look really cool set up.

I think I may need to take a file to some of the edges to smooth them down for a better fit between pieces.

Shit, I was hoping these would keep me from wanting to deeper than a buck into the Dwarven Forge tiles, but I may be going in for 2 sets. I suspect the DF pieces will be much more portable. The Legendary Realms pieces will make for some very nice dioramas when I get the living room shelving built.

I also need to get something to stores these in, as I can't get the boxes they shipped in to close again ;)


  1. Hello Erik,
    I am glad you received your pieces. They should weigh a lot, there is over 250 pieces (279 to be exact) in those boxes. Sorry about the filings, that's our fault, we will fix that part of our process.

    Our shipping packer is also a master Tetris player but we use the plastic Hefty containers to store and transport the pieces. They won't break if stored that way (of course now that I have said that they will). Seriously though, we will replace any piece that breaks during normal use/storage.

    - Rich

    1. Rich - your packer has godlike skills ;)

      As for the filing - I have to do that with miniatures, it's just part of the process - no biggie

    2. Thanks, I passed the compliment on. We can always improve our process. A custom carrying case hmm...I will check on that.

  2. Beautiful work on those, what are they made out of? Resin, plaster or ???


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