Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Need YOUR Help to Capture the Final Posts of the Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day Blogfest

I admit it. After 12 hours chasing after posts from all of the amazing bloggers yesterday, my mind was mush and I was done.

That was shortly after 9PM Eastern last night.

Which means if you posted a S&W Appreciation Day post after that time I never captured it and linked it over here.

I would really like to do so, but I need your help.

If you posted around or after 9PM Eastern last night and it didn't make it into the last S&W Update post last night, drop me a link to it in the comments here and I'll put a bunch if them in another post or two. If you posted something relevant today, and it as a comment and I'll link it up.

Somebody whispered a suggestion of an online S&W "Convention" to me. My only response to that is "Get back Satan! Tempt me not!" ;)

Let me sort out this event first, catch up on post reading, award some prizes and take a well deserved rest before putting me back on the path of destruction please.

Oh, still taking comments for some chances to be gifted some fine loot over on this post.

P.S. - If I buggered up a link to your post or your blog, let me know here and I'll do my best to fix it.


  1. Thanks for putting this together! Nice to see there's such an active S&W community. My link was posted on Mythmere's blog, but I figured I post it here as well so it can be added to the list.


  2. Great day. Loads of reading to do still.... a good thing.

  3. I posted at 11:43 pm.
    The Basic Illusionist (34 page pdf)

    On Thursday I posted The Cultist, complete with Summon Demonic Servant power.

  4. I dropped several posts:


    Feel free to do whatever with these.


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