Monday, April 15, 2013

Swords & Wizardry Meets Firefly Meets Chtulhu Mythos - Sink or Swim?

So, for my Sci-Fi flavored S&W project, I'm thinking something along the lines of Firefly, mixing in some Cthulhu Mythos with possibly a nod to the Hellblazer comic book of the 80's.

Darker than the average sci-fi RPG. Of course, these are all broad brush stroke target, and who knows what the end result may be. I may wind up with My Little Pony in Space ;)

I like the Firefly styled concept and I love the idea of some decent "things that man wasn't meant to know" horror mixed in with it. Add in the idea that such stuff is actually encountered and are possibly supernatural in nature? It all results in a fun filled default setting to me. No idea if it will appeal to others, but I expect the feedback on the blog as it gets worked on will attest to that one way or another.

I'm drawn to the idea of cross trained characters and life events during character generation, so I expect I will draw inspiration from Classic Traveller and Crypts & Things for that.

Damn, and I still need to get back to working on my Swords & Sorcery setting for S&W / C&T.


  1. Replies
    1. never read it, but way too heavy on the Mythos from what i just read at rpgnow for my taste.

      and i think i'd rather not have an "earth centric" setting

  2. I like it. Reaver-esque cultists from deep space that worship various Mythos gods. Rumors of fledging colonies on the far rim of explored space disappearing. And, of course, not-so-honest jobs taken to keep the ship running.

  3. Starship & Sorcery! I like that!

    For inspiration, apart from Firefly, look at Alien(s), System Shock (computer game; no Cthulhu, but a mad AI as bas as Cthulhu), and the darker sides of Mass Effect and Babylon 5 (especially the episode Ship of Tears)... Also the Chthonian Stars setting for Traveller by WildFire.

    You know what? Keep magic intact, but make it operate as in Crypts & Things (i.e. most magic causes you damage and many spells cause sanity loss). Keep most "Cthulhu" monsters from S&W and the SRD (Aboleth!) in. Keep alignment in but use it as in Carcosa (i.e. Lawful characters want to fight against Cthulhu horrors; Chaotic characters try to make deals with Cthulhu horrors; and Neutral characters don't care about Cthulhu horrors).


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