Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reprint or Originals? Where Will Your Money Go?

With WotC reprinting the Original Dungeons & Dragons Boxed Set (in a real wooden box, not just a wood-grained finish) the question seems to be (at least for those interested in the material being reprinted):

Buy a used version of the original, at a higher price -


Buy a new version of the original, at a high price (but no where near as high as the original) -


Buy and own both -


Settle on a cloned version.

I guess all the above is a valid answer too, as I have the originals and the clones, all in nice white boxes.

Lord knows i don't need this latest cash grab by WotC, especially with the new cover art (what were they thinking?). Not saying I won't pick it up, but I certainly don't need it.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I don't need it and I own the originals and clones, but I'll probably get it anyway.

  2. Already own the original, never bothered with the clones, the box looks a little silly -- what's it built to store, pears?

  3. I find it funny that we all ranted for years that if WotC really wanted to give us, the fans, what we wanted, they'd re-release the old editions. And when they did--with really nice covers, high-quality paper, corrected layouts, and errata incorporated, we all started calling it a "cash grab."

    Those guys can't win.

    Anyway, I have an original set, a couple sets of duplicates I made to beat up, and I will be buying this set. Probably two copies of it actually--one from the FLGS and one from Amazon so I can have one ot use and one to sit on the shelf.

  4. I am not that interested in OD&D, so my copies of Swords & Wizardry Core Rules and Swords & Wizardry Complete are enough for me. I'm not really that concerned if S&W isn't exactly OD&D...again, because I'm not that interested in OD&D.

  5. I didn't see the point of the re-prints (and I didn't/don't really care if WoTC supports my favorite edition or not), but when I started seeing prices below $20, cheaper than beat up copies of the originals on ebay, I bought one (the Monster Manual).

    I've never seen the LBB in the flesh and most of what I know of them comes from bloggers and clones. The price is way too steep for me to just satisfy my curiosity. On the other hand, if (when) the price drops to $75 on clearance somewhere, I might pick them up.

    I could always use a box for storing pears (thank you for the idea, bombasticus).

  6. I own the originals. The clones are good. I prefer the reformatted version for play. I can't afford this new release, however, I agree with bombasticus above about the wooden box, it does nothing for me and I would've preferred the booklets in a cardboard box. I'm not yet sure what I think about the change of cover artwork.

  7. I own the originals and all the clones.

    And yes, I will own these too.

    They look too nice not have and even at 150 bucks that is cheaper than replacing my OD&D box if I decide to play a few levels of it.

  8. I'll be picking this up, primarily because I haven't owned a copy of the LBB set since the early eighties when I snagged one for cheap at the FLGS, but found the novelty to be less satisfying at the time (my teenaged self found OD&D to be that game that the big hairy chain-smoking older guys in the back all played) and I eventually sold it.

    Today of course I am spiritually closer to those hirsute chain smokers of yore (minus the smoke and the hair) and would love to have a quality copy with some good art on the covers that I can add to my collection. I also own S&W Complete, so I guess I'm in the option 2 and 4 category, above.

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  10. I'll settle on a cloned version. The box is a collector's item, and I do not collect like I used to. And I'm not going to start again - or so I say, now. ;-)

    With the nearing of the 40th anniversary of OD&D it is no surprise they publish the reprints. And I believe, with all the feedback on the net regarding the price tag they'll make a cheaper card box version, as well.

    Anyway, it is nice for the collectors.

  11. Looks cool to me, but the price is a bit high. There are other things I would buy first. Still, I think its cool that it is getting a reprint. They should have put "Swords and Spells" in there though.

  12. I suspect the covers were to prevent people passing off the reprint as originals...

    I think it's great they are supporting the hobby and it's history but it's too rich for my blood. It will be interesting to see what this does for the price of the originals. In record collecting, this sort of reissue often drives prices of the originals down a fair bit.

  13. I love the box!!! Hate the new cover art, but I'm grateful for it... means I can let myself off the hook and save myself $150.

  14. I am gonna get it. I have many of the retro clones, I have a few of the originals, though not the original box sets, to much. I have some of the reprints, and I waiting for the 2E ones and now I'm gonna get the box set. I agree with Grey Elf, we wanted these for so long, they finally do it and we kinda bitch that it is a money grab. We knew that they would make money if they released them. So, why is everyone bitching?

  15. I don't own and wouldn't buy any version of the original D&D. However, I am a fan of boxed sets (although not the prices). This is a well done deluxe presentation of the product.

  16. I don't like the new covers, maybe Stan Lee called and finally wanted his Doctor Strange royalties. And they aren't to sanitize them if they keep the original fully boobed art inside. I suspect it is for anti-piracy issues as mentioned above.

    The dice looks sorta lame, like my Arkham Horror dice someone gave me year back. Maybe some quality crayon yourself old school dice would be cooler.

    Own lots of clones, plus originals, plus table copies of originals.
    Will probably buy for pear storage when it is 50 bucks at con booths.

    WotC will print the crap out of these just like the AD&D books.

    Anyone actualy know what the print run was on any of those.


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