Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mini Review - Menagerie of the Ice Lord (LL Adventure)

She might have a cavity...

+Dylan Hartwell was kind enough to forward me a copy of his latest adventure, Menagerie of the Ice Lord, a low level adventure for Labyrinth Lord. Color me impressed, but Dylan seems to get better with each product.

The first half of MotIL is the adventure. No need to save the world, it's purely an investigate and loot type of mission, which I find refreshing. The fact that the varied assortment of creatures have a well thought out reason for being where they are? Icing on the cake.

It's nearly 100 rooms over 5 floors (alright, 6 floors if you count the 2 rooms on the last floor). Heck, this is practically a megadungeon in design. I'd love to put a party through this, as I suspect it will play out well.

I do have one problem with the adventure part - there is a magic item (actually, more than a dozen of the same type) that if they fall into the hands of the PCs can have long term unbalancing effects. Sure, it's easy enough to change the item, the effect or even the number found (if they are found - secret doors and the like) but I really don't like having to do so. Snall gripe, but it's there none the lesd.

The second half of MotIL consists of new monsters - 30 to be exact. It's like a low level Fiend Folio of sorts, and each is accompanied by artwork. This is something that you can use now and in the future.

The printed copy also comes with a laminated sheet of graph paper, so you can use dry erase markers and map if you would like, It also includes a folded map of all 5 (6) floors of Castle Denator (the location of the adventure) and on the back of that is a blank character sheet.

All that for $3.99 in print ($2.99 in PDF).

If you have to make a choice between Print and PDF, go for the print copy. You'll be amazed by what Dylan crams into an envelope for $3.99

I'm dying to see what Dylan comes up with next. I guess I can't ask for another brewery, so maybe a tavern based adventure ;)


  1. I was very impressed with this adventure also. I thought the same thing about mini monster foilo in the back. Loved it.

  2. Hey, thanks for the review! It was a nice pick-me-up after the depressing season finale of Downton Abbey.


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