Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Basic Fantasy RPG - $4.62 on Amazon

Huge hat tip to +Christopher Helton for the heads up on this:

Amazon has the prefect bound version of the Basic Fantasy RPG for $4.62. Free shipping for prime members or part of a qualifying order over $25.

You could outfit a group of 6 for less than 30 bucks.


  1. Because 3rd edition is coming out.

    1. From BFRPG over on the G+ side:

      Release 75 is the current print version, as is the current pdf.

      What you see is the under development, 3rd edition of the game. It is the r77 you see on the site (but in a separate spot). Keep in mind, we do not expect finished 3rd edition for some time, and we do not change the core rules from the previous editions (only small corrections and in some cases a few small additions such as some new monsters and new/additional art). Nothing is ever invalidated... one can use 1st edition at the table alongside 2nd or the forthcoming 3rd with no incongruities of the rules one uses to play. We just like to provide even the under-development rules for the community to assist in review.

      (besides, they sell the books at cost)

  2. Already got one I got from Lulu some time back, but SO tempted to get a few more to pass around. Maybe try to subvert a few New Schoolers towards the Old School side..., well 2/3 of the way anyway.

  3. Realistically, 3rd Edition won't see print until the end of summer.


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