Saturday, February 23, 2013

Margret Weis Productions Gets Firefly License for RPGs

This announcement came out yesterday, but I'm apparently a day late and a dollar short.

In any case, this is great news. Firefly was a most awesome Sci-Fi series (short as it was) and MWP seems to do some very good treatments with their licensed products. I say seems, because I don't really own any of the Cortex powered games, but I have heard good things of them.

I guess this is one I'll be buying.

From the actual press release:

Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products to Develop 
Firefly RPG Products

MWP To Develop All-New Series of Pick-Up-And-Play Games set in the ‘Verse.

WILLIAMS BAY, WI, February 22, 2013 – Margaret Weis Productions is thrilled to announce a 
partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products to publish tabletop role-playing products 
based on Joss Whedon’s fan-favorite television series, Firefly. Initial releases are expected as early 
as spring of 2013 with print and digital releases based on MWP’s award-winning Cortex system.

The adventures of Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of Serenity continue to attract new fans a 
decade after the television series first aired. Fresh from recent success, MWP’s own crew of 
seasoned designers and creators of licensed role-playing games, stand ready to develop an all-new 
series of pick-up-and-play games and game supplements. Based on much-loved characters, stories, 
and locations, every Firefly RPG product will be designed to be accessible, authentic, and as 
innovative as fans have come to expect from MWP.

"This project is a dream come true for me. I have been such a long-time fan of Firefly!" says MWP 
President Margaret Weis. "I look forward to working with my crew to take us all back out into the 

“This partnership is another way that we can give back to the Firefly fans,” said Jeffrey Godsick, 
President of Fox Consumer Products. “Firefly followers have shown continuous loyalty to the 
franchise and we want to give them quality products in return.”

About Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.

Margaret Weis Productions (MWP) is an award-winning publisher of tabletop roleplaying games. 
Their most recent successful licensed games include those derived from the worlds of Marvel, 
Dragonlance, Leverage, Smallville and Supernatural. Based in Wisconsin, MWP has been bringing 
games to fans since 2005. Leading MWP is New York Times Bestselling author Margaret Weis. She’s 
a tireless supporter of fandom and gamers with a vision for her company to bring high-quality games 
to both long-time gamers and newcomers alike.

About Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products:

A recognized industry leader, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products licenses and markets 
properties worldwide on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Twentieth Television and 
Fox Broadcasting Company, as well as third party lines. The division is aligned with Twentieth 
Century Fox Television, one of the top suppliers of primetime entertainment programming to the 
broadcast networks.


  1. Man. the liscenses for this franchise must have become available again.

    Gale Force Nine announced a boardgame the other day too. Looks like they are planning on making a whole line of them.


  2. "This project is a dream come true for me. I have been such a long-time fan of Firefly!" says MWP
    President Margaret Weis.

    That's just too much. MWP made the Serenity game and it did not get a lot of praise.

  3. And this time they can do it properly, based on the series and not just the Serenity movie. I wonder if they can use the movie as well?

  4. I was going to say, I thought they already put out a Firefly RPG once...

    But to me, Firefly fans are the new trekkies.

  5. I'm confused... MWP published the Serenity RPG - so why are they acting like this is something totally new for them? Did I miss something?

  6. The original Cortex system struck me as a bland version of Savage Worlds, minus the bennies, card intiative system, and exploding dice. It was a very basic, dry, generic system, and the Serenity game had the added limitation of only being able to reference the movie, not the television series.

    MWP has moved beyond Cortex to Cortex plus, which is very much it's own thing and a lot more dynamic (and a bit different for every game it's used for), and can use a lot more material in the game itself, so this should be interesting.

    It's like getting a "do over" for MWP, under much more ideal circumstances.


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