Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink...

One of the situations I'm dealing with at my job is that the building we are located at has a basement that is flooding right now. Sure, I know the hurricane is long past, but we have a basement with 3' of water when I left for the day (saturated water table for the win) which is about the overcome and flood the pumps that pump water to the roof, which gives us water pressure.

Basically, too much water is going to cause us to have no water. Forget drinking water for the moment. We are going to have very disgusting toilets that won't flush.

Which of course brings us to the idea of "water traps".

Water is the one thing that can pass through doors (via the cracks in the door seal), seep through walls, ceilings and floors, and can devastate whole swaths of land in the blink of an eye.

It's also the one thing that life can not survive without.

Do you use water in traps and such? Do you penalize your parties when they "seek adventure" without enough drinkable water?

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  1. It's a resource game. I think many people underplay how much lack of water and food can impede everyday activities. Thirsty and hungry people are not happy people, and they are not as effective at their jobs. I think maybe a daily penalty of -1 for each day without food would be good. Without water is trickier, but maybe could be dealt with by removing half of your hit points the first day without water, another quarter of them after two days, another 1/8 of them after three days, and the remaining ones after 4 days. Yes, this assumes that four days without water can kill you. I believe that in most cases, it probably can. Roll saving throw against fortitude or constitutions (or whatever your game uses) when your hit points get to zero, or you die. If you don't die, you're in a coma, and begin to take 1 point of permanent Constitution loss per hour until you reach zero. Then you're dead, dead, dead.

    Water traps have great potential. I should ruminate on this.


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