Saturday, November 3, 2012

Anyone Get in Some Horror Roleplaying Around Halloween?

I had the idea in the back of my mind to run a One on One session of Call of Cthulhu with my wife for Halloween, but due to the real life horror of Hurricane Sandy that never came to be. Not sure it would have in any case, as I was still looking for a one on one scenario for CoC.

Still, I've always wanted to do some horror related roleplaying around Halloween. The closest I ever game was in college, running some Ravenloft adventures, but I'm not really sure you can count Ravenloft as horror. CoC does mind games to the players themselves when properly run and I'm not sure that Ravenloft / D&D / D20 can support such.

In any case, for those that somehow have missed Call of Cthulhu over the years, here's the link to the CoC Quickstart. It's not too late to squeeze in some horror into your RPG play time ;)


  1. I picked up a rather sizable Chill package from Noble Knight. Does that count?

  2. I ran a Halloween adventure for Junior Ranger and Little Nephew, but I wouldn't call it "horror" exactly. We will probably continue the adventure later this month.

  3. The group I play in as player tried to run our Vampire: The Requiem game on Halloween, but of the three players one never showed and the second showed up like 4 hours late so the Storyteller and me had to cancel the session.


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