Friday, November 2, 2012

Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Charity Bundle at RPGNow

RPGNow and a ton of publishers are offering the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Charity Bundle to help the Red Cross and those suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

This whole event has really opened my eyes to the power of Mother Nature. Yesterday I spent my afternoon and evening walking through housing projects in Brooklyn, checking on residents to see how they were holding up without electricity, water or heat. The strength of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me - nearly every person I came in contract with had a positive attitude in spite of their current hardships.

I work with people who lost their homes to the storm surge overnight Monday into Tuesday, yet they still came to work Tuesday morning to serve the city they are sworn to protect. My home and my family come through the storm relatively unscathed, but others up and down the eastern seaboard are not so lucky.

If there are games / and or other gaming products that appeal to you in the bundle, this is a great way to give while getting something back. Over $450 worth of gaming products in PDF for 20 bucks

(Pathfinder players / GMs will wind that Raging swan Press donated a number of pieces to the bundle. There are some hidden gems like Part-Time Gods and some Savage World Adventures and a ton of other stuff. It's light on OSR stuff, but then again, what isnt?)

Hopefully I will get a chance to get some of my usual game related posts posted this weekend. Maybe the fine folks at WotC would have been kind enough to post an article Grumpy will find appealing when he finally gets around to reading it. I'll need to take a peek it seems ;)


  1. Did anyone else have problems finding the bundle? I can't seem to find it?

  2. if you click the pic it leads you there, but i link in the post would have been nice i guess - time to fix that


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