Monday, August 6, 2012

Tenkar's Minor Magical Tidbits - Brill's Bashing Mace

Brill's Bashing Mace appears to be a standard footman's mace and in fact, in combat, it acts as such. No more, no less. It's special ability is first noticed when it is used outside of combat to bash a lock or a door.

When used for "bashing", Brill's Bashing Mace add's 3 points to the user's ability modifier for Strength for the purpose of bashing or breaking a lock, door, bars, wood - whatever "bashing" the situation calls for. Brill's Bashing Mace will never break while being used to bash.

Brill himself was a thief with the curse of "Ten Thumbs". He couldn't pick a lock if his life counted on it - and at times it did. He found a footman's mace in a small hoard early on in his adventuring career, and found the mace was extremely effective in dealing with locks and the like. Brill's career game to an explosive end when he used his mace to bash the lock of a trapped chest. All that remained of Brill's belongings from the incident were his mace and his boots. No one in his party claimed his boots.

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