Saturday, August 11, 2012

Racially Aligned Magic Items

Post from my phone and in the car, so please forgive the typos ;)

I'm thinking for next week I may write up a magic item that is linked to one of the core Demi-human races. It's magical in anyone's hands but more effective when wielded by the aligned race.

Nothing I've written or plan to write is a game breaker - they are mostly minor. I'm just interested in trying out another twist ;)


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  1. I really fancy the idea that the same item functions differently from character to character within the same party. Though this would/should tend to be low-powered, imagine the rare item that does wondrously different things for each user: a magical helm that grows horns with an ac bonus for dwarves, turns itself into a soft sweet-smelling beret for elves, and becomes a frowny-faced fearsome metal mask for half-orcs.

    Tons of possibilty. I like it.


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