Sunday, August 5, 2012

Quick Thoughts on SWN'ing the OSR Thief Skills

I'm just throwing these out there as random thoughts 15 minutes after waking up - they may no longer make sense to me this afternoon ;)

Start all thief skills at a base difficulty of 8 - except Climb walls, which would start at a difficulty of 5.

Two skill points to distribute at odd levels (including first), one point to distribute at even levels (this is totally just woke up guess work - I suspect that would need tweaking).

This would allow for the DM to actually set difficulties for the different tasks depending on the situation.

Lets see if this still makes sense when I am fully awake ;)


  1. I am an enormous fan of SWN, skill system included. I really like this idea. I had been tinkering around with SWN-style Backgrounds and Training Packages to simulate the various sub-classes (ranger, barbarian, etc.) in B/X.

  2. Brilliant! I am also a fan of SWN and I have never thought about using it for Fantasy. Makes me want to write up an Dwarf Class for the system.

  3. I'll have some more coherent thoughts to make this a proper write up later today or tomorrow i hope


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