Saturday, August 11, 2012

Where There's a Whip, There's a Way!

I was in no state to be productive last night. I had planned to work on my project (the "micro beer money' project, not my GAPs project - which is in a semi-holding pattern until I can get a bit further on the paying gig) but my mind was not cooperating. Brain fog would be a mild way of putting it. A busy work week, allergies and the change in air pressure had me in bed early.

Which apparently was good. I got up early and went right to work. Even found time for an early morning blog post (and got the magic item of the week up early too). Then back to work. Just sent some stuff off to be looked at.

See, didn't even need to break out the whip. That being said, i suspect my editor was getting antsy to see some results, so hopefully he likes what he sees and he doesn't need to activate the "red pen" too often.

I didn't even plan to do any writing today as I'll be at my in-laws for the afternoon and running my ACKS campaign tonight. So, this morning made up for last night. So long as tomorrow is productive I'll be back on track. Saweet!

I was tempted to work from the Nexus 7 using the bluetooth keyboard and mouse (which is what i grabbed during lunch as work yesterday) but really, why move from a 27" screen if your don't have to?

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