Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dungeon Crawling Like It's 1983! (Now With Wilderness Encounter Tables and Goldenrods)

I'm amazed at the pieces of gaming goodness I'm finding in the old, now 2-piece, Blue Trapper Portfolio.

Apparently I started gaming in February of 1982, as my first character's sheet has that as his creation date. I thought it was back in 1981, but character sheets don't lie (except when it comes to character stats it seems).

Here's another dungeon "One-Sheet", this time labeled "level 2". My God but I was giving away crazy loot for little reason back then. Assuming this stuff was from 1983 (the Wilderness encounter charts match up with the release of the MMII in 1983) I was gaming for a year or so when I made these masterpieces.


Just as a side note, I apparently have 1 each of the "Goldenrod AD&D Character Sheets" that aren't written on. Master copies, if you will, for my father to take to work and use the job copier. I think I need to scan these up as historical archives.


  1. I have an entire tablet of those character sheets still unused. I liked them too much to use them, wanted to save them for special characters. I think maybe I used one sheet.

  2. No Traps? Not even a pit trap...?

  3. What, no traps back then? Not even a pit trap...? Otherwise looks really good!!!

  4. I found a bunch of old character sheet for my players and discovered I had really good eyesight and tiny handwriting back then.

  5. I need scans of those 1e sheets, stat!


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