Monday, July 2, 2012

Building the DCC Monthly Prize List - Crawl! Fanzine is on the List :)

Dak Ultimak posted a comment on the previous blog post:
I'd be happy to donate a copy of Crawl every month, and I'd like to publish the winning stuff every month too! You can add an issue of #1 & #2 into the prize pool now. I'll send them directly!
How awesome is that? He's also looking to publish the winning stuff from each month's contest.  Hot damn!  Of course, that means prizes will no longer be strictly random. I think I'll have to add those that donate prizes to a sort of "judges table", where we vote on the best and there is a simple point system. But really, who cares about that - what matters is not only do I have a bunch of Appendix N Adventures to give out in print, we'll have an issue of the Crawl! Fanzine to give out each month in print!

And don't forget Purple Sorcerer Games and Thick Skull Adventures, who donated PDFs to last month's inaugural DCC contest without ever being asked to do so. The DCC community certainly rocks :)

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