Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A July 4th Thought - Selling Magic Like the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Sells Fireworks

Pennsylvania can be a weird place, and it doesn't get much weirder than around the 4th of July. The state allows the sale of fireworks in licensed fireworks stores, but only allows the sale of basic, pretty much non-explosive fireworks to state residents. You read that right. They only allow the sale of the larger, more explosive and more dangerous fireworks to those that can show out-of-state ID. BTW, every state surrounding PA pretty much makes possession of what their residents can buy in PA illegal. Weird ass and funny shit.

What if there were a city-state that had a similar policy. It allowed for a licensed "magic store" to sell dangerous magic items, but only to citizens of other states. Maybe only citizens of states it's at war with, and all of the items are cursed in some way, and more dangerous to the user and his allies than the benefits it grants.

Or in DCC, a magic guild that sells powerful spells that aren't in the book, but only to non-citizens, and all of the spells have really harsh corruption and misfire charts.

Maybe I should pick up some restricted magic before I head back to the city myself ;)


  1. It is strange here. The run up to the 4th has 'the tents' popping up to sell all the goodies.

    I don't envy EMTs or law enforcement in PA for this holiday.

    Cool and dangerous trick! Buy cases of sparklers and twist of the material into coffee cans. Use a sparkler as a fuse... Instant daylight!

  2. Yes, we gotta love our Commonwealth of PA! (I miss buying a sixer of Guinness at a gas station since I've moved back here too)

  3. Yeah, then there are our liquor laws. *facepalm*

    I love PA, but some of their commerce restrictions make NO sense.


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