Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Duck Crawl Classics ;)

I went to the beach at Lake Wallenpaupack (Pocono Mountains, PA) this afternoon, more for the change of pace and the idea that I'm on vacation than anything else. I brought some of my DCC RPG adventures and Crawl! 1 and 2 for some reading after the swim.

What stuck out in my mind? The ducks. Not just swimming among the human swimmers, but bringing their chicks to the shore to beg food from folks like me. Their lack of any feeling apprehension was pretty cool.

Of course, it got me thinking. You know what Dungeon Crawl Classics is missing? Ducks!

Yes, ducks. Not the small, flying kind, but the big, humanoid kind. The old Runequest type (no idea if they are in MRQ or RQ6). Silly big old ducks.

I think I'll write it up after I get through my previous writing commitments ;)


  1. Yes there are ducks in MRQ. I love them :)

    There are also ducks in HeroQuest although they tend to call them Durulz in the latter books.

  2. Pfff, this is one of the silliest monsters / races...i immediately beganto ignore them after seeing a picture in a RQ-book (can't remember what - was a long time ago)...they are just...ridiculous. i sometimes wonder whats the intention of the authror if he creates such extreme curiosities...

  3. perhaps, reminds me too much of donald and dagoberd duck and tick, tick and trak

  4. They are ridiculous

    That's the idea. They were cursed. Looking like Donald Duck is a far worse curse than being warped or having chaotic features...


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