Monday, July 2, 2012

Finalizing the Idea for the July DCC RPG Free Loot Contest

Over on G+, James Aulds had the following ideas for DCC RPG contests:
a new zero level occupation with weapon and trade good,   a monster, statted and described, more lucky signs/ star signs names.
Then Jon Marr from Purple Sorcerer made the following offer:
If you do the 0-level occupation contest, then I'll compile them into a list and add a "Tenkar's Occupation List" to the 0-level party generator. :)
I think we know what July's contest will will be: 0-level occupation contest with weapon and trade good. Get thinkin'! Don't post until the contest goes live, which probably be closer to the end of the month. I'll also mention this one on the DCC Forums over at Goodman Games, which I didn't for the last one. The last contest sort of took on it's own life ;)

Should be fun :)


  1. Should be very fun. I'm already thinking of occupations. Once I get past all the dirty ones I get to work on it.

  2. yes, i expect it will be a blast :)


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