Sunday, January 8, 2012

RuneQuest Archives Offers a Selection of $1 PDFs of MQ1 & MQ2 Releases

Going to give a big shout out to Akrasia from the Akratic Wizardry blog for bringing this to the attention of the Blogosphere. An assortment of Gloranthan and some other Mongoose RuneQuest products available in PDF at OneBookShelf  affiliated storefronts (RPGNow / DriveThruRPG) for a buck a piece.  The MRQ2 stuff is full compatible with Legend (Mongoose's OGL version of the RQ2 rules, also for a buck).  MRQ1 products are less compatible, but are easily mined.  MRQ1 and MRQ2 are both apparently compatible with the upcoming RuneQuest 6.  Follow all that so far?

Here's the list as posted on The RPG Site.

The titles available through RuneQuest Archives are:


RuneQuest Empires (MRQ2)
Monster Coliseum (MRQ2)
Vikings (MRQ2)
Land of the Samurai (MRQ1)
The Price of Honour (MRQ1)


Glorantha: the Second Age (MRQ2)
Cults of Glorantha (MRQ2)
The Abiding Book (MRQ2)
Pavis Rises (MRQ2)
Dwarfs (MRQ1)
Dragonewts (MRQ1)
Ducks (MRQ1)
Elfs (MRQ1)
Blood of Orlanth (MRQ2)
Dara Happa Stirs (MRQ1)

For that price I'm buying the lot.  I'm going to have WAY too much on my plate to read, but that is better then too little.  I haven't run a RuneQuest Campaign since RQ2 and RQ3 (I actually went back from RQ3 to RG2, but that's a whole other story ;)

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