Friday, January 13, 2012

How Many OSR Games Are Being Released in 2012?

All the talk about Dungeons & Dragons 5e got me thinking about the fairly large number of OSR games that I've preordered via Kickstarter and such that are due for release in 2012. I'm actually pretty amazed:

Delving Deeper - I mentioned this yesterday. Brave Halfling always puts out a top notch product.

Crypts & Things - Swords & Sorcery using the S&W engine if I am not mistaken.

Dungeon Crawls Classics - This has the chance to be a breakout hit - or not. I don't see much middle ground in this, and Goodman Games has a lot riding on it's success.

Adventurer Conquerer King System - the PDF may be going out to Kickstarter supporters this weekend. It's a nice system that handles everything from adventuring to running your own kingdom. If nothing else, great support material for your other OSR games.

Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea - Looks very cool from what I've read about it so far. Another Swords & Sorcery option for the OSR.

My lord, I'm going to have a crapload of options as to what system to run. Best thing is, my players won't need their own copies (although they should want one) as knowledge of any of the OSR systems should ground them fairly well.

Any that I missed?


  1. I want to release Bandits & Battlecruisers - fusion of Bandits & Basilisks and Terminal Space.

    And one or maybe two campaign settings :D

  2. I always make time to game and I am a firm believer that something is wrong if you can not find time for fun, but how the hell do you find the time for all of your games Erik?

  3. I'm so tempted to put $50 into the ASSH kickstarter and get a hard copy of the book and the other goodies... I think there's a day or two left to do that.

    Then again, I also want the hard copy of Weird Adventures.

    Then again, I also want Carcosa - hard copy.

    Then again, I want LOTFP - hard copy.

    Limited funds and lots of options. What a quandary!

  4. I don't know if all my stuff qualifies, but I'll have Blood & Treasure out some time in 2012, and hopefully Space Princess and 1800-American Empires. Action X and Quen & Kaiser might take a little longer to realize.

  5. Flying Swordsmen RPG is just waiting on the cover and a final edit/formatting pass.

    Hopefully it'll be out there late this month or sometime in February.

  6. In some ways, I think WoTC has a lot to worry about with RPGnow, Lulu and Kickstarter. Not that they need those funds, which overall may be small, but those people who they claim to want back in the family fold, if they don't like what they see with 5th edition, can buy someone else's version, fund someone else's version, or make their own version. The new era is not kind to entrentched behemoths that move and react slowly.


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