Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Do You Leave A Bunch of Gamers in Suspense?

Announce a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, yet give no details as to said edition.

Is it be called 5E? Doesn't look like it.

I'm going to place my bet and guess it's going to be called Dungeons & Dragons Unlimited (so they can continue with the theme that it encompasses players of all previous editions.)

I'm going to also state that I expect a return to Vancian Magic with some sort of "at will power".

I don't expect anything game changing to the point that 4e separated itself from 3x. I do expect something closer to 3x then 4e.

I DO NOT expect it to be OGL. Possibly released under a kinder, softer GSL.

I expect gamers to care whether or not WotC succeeds with the newest, latest and greatest version of D&D. Like it or not, D&D get's lots of shelf space at the few remaining books stores. It's a recognizable name. It's Kleenex when the rest of the hobby is "facial tissues". A successful release of a new edition of D&D can only help the hobby in general.

Me? I'm a gamer in suspense. I want to know more. Which I'm sure I will as soon as the 5e PDF starts making the rounds in the torrent sites. You know - the "pre-beta" version the press got to play with ;)

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  1. I agree they won't go back to the OGL. The OGL is their endless bane ... Paizo has seriously cut into their profits thanks to the OGL. I think they'll regret that decision forever. For me the only thing I want to know is ... is 5th ed a grid only game or will using minis and the grid be optional. If the grid is just an option ... I'll be interested.

    I agree that WoTC and the official version of D&D mater to all tabletop gamers whether or not they themselves are interested in buying it. D&D is still the marquee brand and it is still probably one of the biggest gateways to tabletop gaming. If it is floundering ... that isn't good for anyone.

    I'm saying that as someone who hates 3.0/3.5/4e (though I have played all those versions extensively) ... I honestly hate Pathfinder too ... but I love Paizo the company. Those guys really are tops in my book.


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