Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hi, I'm Felt... Feltothraxis

Yep, Feltothraxis is his name...oh!

Alright, maybe you can't squeeze the name into the "Bingo" song, but it is the winner.  The Nameless Dragon is now named "Feltothraxis".  Long live the Dragon!

Sully was a strong second ;)

JDJarvis suggested Feltothraxis.  JD, drop me an email at trubluniteATgmailDOTcom with the email you use at OneBookShelf and I'll forward it on to the lads at OneBookShelf for your $10 gift certificate.  It may take a day or two as this is the weekend.

Matthew W. Schmeer suggested Sully.  Matt, send me your OneBookShelf email and I'll hook you up with a copy of Bean! The D2 RPG in PDF.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.  Thanks to all that voted.  Thanks to everyone that has watch the little fella on video.  More to come from Feltothraxis ;)


  1. Thanks. Thanks to everyone who voted and thanks to other folks who ran serious campaigns ;-)

  2. 'Felto' takes it!

    Now to shred some documents on how we won...

  3. I bet he will be called Felly sooner or later...

  4. Perhaps a last name of Tamanyhall is in order!

  5. Congrats to JDJarvis and Hello, Feltothraxis!


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