Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Tight Race in the Name the Nameless Dragon Poll

Holy Democracy Batman! We've had over 75 voters so far for the Name the Nameless Dragon Poll. Every morning I wake up and I'm very pleasantly surprised at the votes that have been tallied overnite.

The current vote leader is Sully with 20 votes, Feltothraxis in a close second place with 17 and Ullduthindor still in the race with 14 votes.

If you haven't cast your vote(s) yet, do so. The poor dragon needs a name and only YOU can choose it! ;)


  1. Sully says: Vote for a name you can pronounce!


  2. Sully? Feltothraxis? Their ways have long been tried, but it has led us only left and right, never forward.

    Ullduthindor is the only middle road, the only way to move the dungeon forward into prosperity. Working with Ullduthindor, all creatures of the dungeon will be able to turn their copper into silver, their silver into gold, and their gold into platinum!

  3. I've heard that Sully was once so drunk on Mulberry juice that a group of adventurers crept in unnoticed and swiped his kidnapped princess and all of his hoarded wealth. Is that true? This question was not paid for by the Vote for Smok campaign.

  4. Vote for Sully!

    He'd eat Rick Perry just to shit him out again!

  5. Read Ullduthindor's platform statement again! He's all for higher taxes and less ample virgins!

    And Feltothraxis has been in secret talks with that Wizard from the Coast! There's talk afoot about yet another change in the Dragon Code, and it all tracks back to Feltothraxis!

    In these dark ages, there's only one dragon you can trust: Sully!

    A Vote for Sully is a vote for Dragonkind!

  6. Tsk tsk... Is see Sully proponents have resulted to voting from multiple planes of reality and hacking the diebold code...for shame for shame...

    Vote Feltothraxis and save multiversal stability.

  7. Remember folks, that Sully promised to run a clean campaign. Perhaps it is this that is drawing former supporters of Feltothraxis and Ullduthindor.

    Sick of dirty politics? Then Vote for Sully!

  8. I can certainly attest that my campaign has been quite clean, sparkly even, as I have washed it daily in the blood of foolish adventurers and their henchmen! Elf blood works particularly well in this regard.

    A vote for Sully is a vote for more TPKs!

  9. Vote for Gary! Pay your respects to Gary Gygax-we wouldn't be here without him!

  10. Did you know Feltothraxis isn't really a green dragon but a white dragon who has constant motion sickness? Why hasn't Feltothraxis revealed his medical records like Sully has? What is Feltothraxis hiding?

  11. Medical Records? The Alchemical Order of Sanguinists found Feltothraxis to be in top physical condition and elemental balance following those unfortunate arson incidents of last year.

  12. Everyone knows the Alchemical Order is corrupt. They've been accepting bribes from the Theives Guild for aons!

  13. Bribes? Collaborative Activity Gratuities are not bribes. To ignore the economic advantage of cross-guild fund exchanges is to reject the coin and gemstone economy. Such funds allow guilds to take on larger numbers of apprentices every year.

    A vote for Feltothraxis is a vote for prosperity.


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