Friday, October 7, 2011

Everything I Needed to Know, A Dragon Taught Me

This contest has taken a life of it's own. I may need to quote from some of the best comments to make sure the posters get the attention (and laughs) they deserve once this runs it's course.

I believe the poll ends sometime tomorrow. I should be able to announce the winners sometime tomorrow evening / sunday morning the latest.

It looks to be a two dragon race between Ullduthindor and Sully, but I do expect this to go down to the wire.

Soon the Dragon shall have a name ;)


  1. As we turn to the final hours of this contest, when it comes down to the wire and we are asked to make the hard decisions between fake Latinism, obscure Anglo-Saxon, and catchy, heroic Gaelic, all voters should ask themselves: am I ready to follow a dragon who's name I can't pronounce?

    Of course you're not!


  2. "A Hoard in Every Lair, A Dwarf in Every Gut"


  3. I must raise protest in the press providing unfair coverage. As of this moment Ullduthindoris an also ran and Feltotrhaxis is in the lead.

    A vote for Feltothraxis is a vote for press reform.

  4. FELTOTHRAXIS IN 2012!!!


  5. Sully sayz:

    A vote for Feltothraxis is a vote for
    the Latinate elite!

    A vote for Ullduthindoris is a vote for too many vowels!

    Vote for Sully! Easy to say, easy to remember, easy to find in your time of need!

    Sully! Sully! He's our dragon--
    He leveled the town but saved the tavern,
    He turned mages and elves to bacon
    So come one, come all and raise a flagon
    to the greatest name for a true green dragon!

    Vote for Sully!

  6. A vote for Sully is a vote to devour Feltothraxis and Ullduthindoris.

  7. Cast your vote for Feltothraxis
    Who's breathing fire on all new taxes!

    Fair and Just and reaching higher;
    Protects our lives with breath of fire.
    Cares not for passing guilt or blame,
    Incorruptible by games.

    Don't listen to Sully's braggart claims!
    While all the others are the same,
    This wyrm's platform will proclaim
    That deeds - not words - can't be defamed.

    So fear not that you will misname
    This leader of ancient and untamed.
    Call him Harry, George or Dane
    And vote for Change's Hopeful flame...

    For Feltothraxis is his name!

  8. Feltothraxis advocates bringing back jobs from overseas!

  9. Feltothraxis will keep our borders secure without invasive procedures!

  10. Sully will eat the rich and distribute their wealth to every hoard!

  11. Sully is pro-choice -- take your pick of dining on man, elf, dwarf, or halfling!

  12. This just in: the League of Mad Archmages has thrown their support behind Sully!

    Vote for Sully or be turned into something unspeakable!

  13. Sully employs SPAMMERS!

    Vote for Feltothraxis to stop this menace!

  14. Sully's people are using 'SCHMEER TACTICS'!!

    I couldn't resist...

  15. Vote for Sully and help SCHMEER the competition!

  16. Sully's henchman can attack us,
    Vote right now for Feltothraxis!

  17. I came back from Retreat expecting, to hear about the dragon's name, however I am glad the party is continuing. Sully seems to have a ground swell and spamming advocates, hard to beat a dragon with ready made minions, but Feltothraxis isn't going down as a easily as a burlap banner (which he was probably saved from becoming). Cheers to the victors!

  18. Associated Draconic Press - Oct 7, 2011


    In a strange twist of irony, the felt dragon known as 'Sully' in the heated Tenkarian Gambit has ran afoul of United States Immigration Law.

    The candidate, whose aggressive political campaign tactics have been labelled as 'spam' by adversaries and whose campaign promises have included stopping the 'dwarven scourge' and incited dwarven advocacy groups has been unable to provide proof of his birth and citizenship.

    Potentially damning to his current campaign, the news broke early in the morning. By late afternoon, thousands of Sully opponents rallied around this issue, labelling themselves 'birthers' and demanding proof of Sully's place of origin. One angry protester stated, "I'm not even sure he is felt!".

    Sully's campaign offices have not returned requests for comment. A release from Sully's campaign headquarters stated that this was merely 'administrative error' and hinted at 'anti-felt' bias in the media.

  19. Breaking news! Sully has been getting the majority of his campaign contributions from the Halfling Mafia! He's a traitor to dragon-kind because we all know the Halfling mafia got its start via B&E on dragon lairs! REMEMBER SMAUG! VOTE FELTOTHRAXIS!

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  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Sully is a wise dragon and knows when he is beaten. Rather accept a TPK, he conceeds the race to that rat fink Feltothraxis.

    May he be half the dragon we all know Sully to be.

    The race goes not always to the swiftest, the prize not always to the brightest, but the election always to the most corrupt. May the lies Felthothraxis hath spread come back like the great wyrm Ouroboros
    and bite him on the tail.

    Sully goes now to his lair to sleep for another thousand years. One day the world will come to fear again the name now mocked by human tongues. Sully will have his day, oh yes, in some future yet to come.

  23. Sully is beginning to sound like a Libertarian defeatist, already conceding the end while the fight still has life. Sully forever! Lie, cheat, steal for the victory! This advertisement is not sponsored by Padre or any affiliated with him.

  24. Feltothraxiz is actually Handorayon! Truth for freedom!


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