Saturday, October 8, 2011

In a Few Hours The Dragon's True Name Will Be Known

As I type this, the Name the Nameless Dragon Poll has about 9 hours left.  With Sully conceding, it looks like Feltothraxis will be the dragons "true name", with all rewards and responsibilities regarding such falling on the submitter of the name (damn, that sounds like true "legalese"... heh), assuming no one successfully mounts a challenge over the next few hours.

It ain't over 'till it's over... but it's probably over ;)


  1. Victory celebrations are being planned across the Thraxosphere!

    The humble Feltothraxis reflects in his study, hoping to implement fiery changes for the future!

  2. Latest press relase:

    While Feltothraxis seems assured of a victory thanks to the groundswell of input we must not count our hatchlings before they climb out of their eggs and start princess hunting, victory is in sight but the treasure chamber is not yet full.

    To those yet to raise their voices Vote Feltothraxis.

    Everyone's 2 c.p. count.

  3. All hail mighty Felthothraxis! Devourer of George!

  4. I'm still calling him George. You are what you eat.

  5. Sensible man, that Bob...

    Need more lads like him these days.

  6. 151 Follower. 171 Votes. Not to sound the alarm but I am guessing there is a possibility of multiple votes from same member. One vote per person would be more fair. I'd like this matter investigated, as Sully is clearly a New Yawrker sounding dragon and the only sensible choice.

  7. @Andugus, last I noted voting wasn't limited to followers of the blog but to readers with computers that could click the little box next to the names.
    You aren't implying the Tavern should implement a closed-gate policy that would deny access to green-skinned wandering monsters are you?

  8. Anyone calling for a recount better have their 'damage from fire breathing dragons' insurance paid up.

    Just sayin'


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