Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Holy Sheep!

Just curious, but has anyone found they needed a detailed write up of "sheep" in their campaign? I only ask because at the moment "Sheep" is in the top 5 hottest at RPG now. (on the right sidebar of this blog)

Those sheep can be really dangerous!


  1. Naaaaaaaah.
    (and that talking sheep is gawdurn liar!)

  2. well I've used two different types of carnivorous sheep in the past and I've got a mutant variety in the brew but official stats were never really needed. Sheep HD: 1/2 MV: 12 AC: 8 pretty much covers them.

  3. it gets awful cold and lonely on the way to the dungeon...

  4. Then there's the much-maligned Venomous Sheep of folklore (introduced to gamers and their scorn in Bruce Galloway's Fantasy Wargaming).
    Meant to put a flock of them outside town in my B/X game (sure, their venomous, but they have very high quality wool).

  5. There's always the movie Black Sheep. not the one with the fat guy. It's from New Zealand. And the sheep realize they outnumber the humans 10 to 1 and they don't have to take it anymore.

  6. I liked the venomous sheep from B.G.'s Fantasy Wargaming. Sheep are strange looking creatures. I've used giant sheep to great effect before, so it certainly couldn't hurt me(my non-existant SAN score is another matter however) to take a look at that RPG now thing.


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