Monday, September 5, 2011

Tombstones: A Random Table

My time spent walking through a local cemetery over the weekend got me thinking about a random table to describe what adventurers find when they start poking around the graveyard.  This table just deals with the tombstones themselves, not the mysteries that may be attached.
It doesn't include what may or may not be inscribed on the tombstones.  That may follow in a later, more detailed, random table.  For a good hook, that should be worked out by the GM in advance.

        A               B                                  C
1   a pristine         grey tombstone covered in lichen
2   a weathered white "         with some lichen
3   a worn black "         covered in moss
4   a broken*         green "         with some moss
5   a cracked         brown "         covered with loose spider webs
6   a missing** pink         "               clear of growth
*  broken tombstones may be complete, with the broken piece(s) on the ground, or a piece may be missing
** missing tombstones just have a nub remaining in the earth


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