Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hoping to Rediscover Some Paranoia (West End Games) Tonight

Tonight if all goes well (and really, how often does that happen?) I'll be able to access the top part of a closet I haven't been able to access for years. Buried somewhere in there are the original Pavis and Big Rubble boxed sets (thanks to Grognardia for making me think of them today), but more importantly, my copy of the first Paranoia boxed set.

Paranoia is a game that played very well in small doses with a large group, less well as anything that resembled a campaign and read better then just about any game related novel I can think of. Many of those original modules were simply laugh out loud funny to read.

I think I also have my copy of the City-State of the Invincible Overlord up there as well as some other gems.

After this I don't think there will be any treasures left for me to rediscover ;)


  1. I love these clean-up posts. It's like your house is a weird Winchester mansion that keeps dropping long lost RPG materials out of nowhere.

  2. The long and short of it is: when my ex-gf passed unexpectedly a few years ago, my stepson became my son.

    I gave him my room immediately and moved myself to the living room. I also promptly lost access to many stored goodies as he used storage space as he found it (and he really needed more then we had available - due to my large assortment of "stuff") and put his dresser in front of the closet (teenagers do as teenagers do).

    With the current renovations and moving bedrooms and such, stuff that I had mostly forgot about have rediscovered.

    Now if I can only covert him from MMORPGs to Table Top Roleplaying...

  3. I think you have given me an idea for a post on the pro & cons of RPGs compared to MMORPG's. Anyhow, I am another fan of Tenkar's Lost Treasures and all the stuff you have rediscovered in your renovation. Great posts as always.

  4. Good luck swallowing those Happy Pills citizen. Hail the Computer!


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