Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's Your Class?

Most people have a default template / character class that they default to.

When I first started playing, it was usually a Paladin. What can I say? I was a teenager and I saw it as the power class. Besides, we usually had inflated stats back then.

When AD&D 2e was released, I gravitated to the Bard. It was a versatile class and a jack of all trades. Not all that powerful, but it filled in holes when the party needed it.

When I started playing Castles & Crusades, I settled on the Cleric. Dwarven, if you need to know. He made a decent warrior and a decent healer... again, filling more then one role. In a way, it was a natural progression from the old bard class.

What's your default class?


  1. Mine used to be a wizard, and recently gone to it. Had a period in the middle where a fighter-type was my default.

  2. My default is the ranger with bow. Nature knowledge, distance fighting, and leather stud armor!

  3. Dwarf fighter wielding an axe or sword. Infravision & knowledge of stonework comes in so damn handy in dungeon crawls.

  4. No surprises here: I opt for a witch when I can.

    Failing that, a paladin.

  5. I would have done this as a survey, but there's just way too many options ;)

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  7. damn ipad incorrectly making corrections!

    anyhow, there was a comment that hit my inbox, but not the blog... blogger hiccup i suspect, as it was simultaneous with Tim''s.

    Matt's vote was for a Dwarven Fighter with axe or sword

  8. I usually like to play the cleric in a support role. Plus, I really enjoy going toe-to-toe with undead, so the cleric has a bit of a leg up there. My other fave is the illusionist. back in Ye Olde AD&D Dayes, the illusionist class was a bit of a cypher with my group, so it was cool to play a class no one had any knowledge of.

    "Phantasmal Force" for the win!

  9. Human Fighter, when I get to play. I guess I play myself; or a more idealized version. Since I usually DM and have a myriad of non-me roles to play all the time, it's nice to play something a little closer to home I guess. Sometimes I play a Wizard, but that's my Power-Gaming class, and everyone hates it when I do that.

  10. Dwarf fighter with an axe. Infravision and stonework knowledge for the dungeon crawl win!

  11. In MMORPGs I tend to play support classes such as healers/buffers or stand alone classes since I can't always play longer term missions. In classic D & D, I'd probably be a cleric since I still like healing and all the turning powers. How boring, I really wanted to be a monk, forty pounds ago.

  12. I'm a Halfling player myself (Halfling ranger /scout in AD&D and it's kin.) I love playing the advanced scout in the party.


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