Saturday, September 10, 2011

The HP Leprechaun is Gonna Get an Ass Kickin'!

I've been on the hunt for an HP Touchpad for a while now, "a while" being defined as "since HP pulled the plug and dropped the price from $499 to $99.  It's like trying to find a Leprechaun in Central Park -  you might (if you drink enough) think you see one, but when the time comes, it's just not there.

When the price drops were announced, I hit all the usual places, including HP's site itself, no luck.  Then, suddenly, it appeared to be in stock at HP's Business website.  So, I ordered 3 (me, the soon to be wife, and the kid).  Order accepted.  Wheeee!

Then, later that day, HP notified me that they did not, in fact, have any Touchpads in stock. Order cancelled.  Damn it!  But wait, the next morning, I get an order number and a confirmation.  Uhm, WTF? Happy WTF, but still, WTF?

Looking closer, I couldn't initially log in to get further order info.  Weird.  Two days later, all the info is there.  Five days later, when I click on my order details, I get a website error.  I feel like my ever elusive Leprechaun is playing mind games with me at this point,

Yesterday, Tigerdirect sent an email stating they had a Touchpad Bundle for sale.  $200 for the Touchpad and some accessories I'd probably buy anyway, so I ordered a bundle immediately.  Order in 4 minutes after the email landed.  Success!  Order confirmation and everything.

Until this morning, when I noticed they sent an email last night that my order was not filled, they were out of stock... yadda yadda!  Foiled again!

But wait, then I got a shipping notification... for the accessories only.  Now my mood is really WTF!?!  Maybe checking email at 525 AM while walking to the bathroom isn't such a good idea.  After logging into my account, the HP Touchpad IS ordered, but on Backorder.  Actually, the note says they are ALL on backorder.

I'm gonna kill the f'n Leprechaun when I get my hands on him...

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  1. HP Leprechaun = Short green Irish guy that man was not meant to know.


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