Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We Have Delivery! Oh, and a Game Change Tonight

My flooring finally came at 515.  I could have gone to work and saved the day at this rate, but it's here.  Which means I get to start installing it later this week.  In the heat wave.  Joy of joys.  I think I'll need to buy another AC on friday.

I'm doing what I can by myself (well, with family help) to keep the costs down.  I figure with painting, wallpapering, flooring and new closet the 2 rooms should come it at $1500 give or take.  Now I see why many of the smaller RPG companies are one or two folks.  You don't need to pay yourself for the work, just for the supplies ;)

Tonight is the fairly regular Tunnels & Trolls game run by Scott of Huge Ruined Pile fame.  Except it's not. Well, it is game night, Scott is running a game, I'll be there, but we're going OD&D.  Should be fun.  Just goes to prove that a good GM makes the game more then the rules, and Scott's a damn good GM.

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