Monday, July 18, 2011

Mini Review - Bag Wars Sage (KotDT)

I don't think I've reviewed a comic on this blog before.  I know I hemmed and hawed about the current KotDT storyline, but this here is the Gold standard.  This is the Bag Wars Saga reworked, relaid, reedited - a storyline that spanned years is remade into a cohesive whole.

Did I mention it has a color map of Garweeze Wurld?  Saweet!

I think this is how I'll be doing my Knights of the Dinner Table reading for now one - on my iPad, in bed, lights out and just pure story.  To be honest, I pretty much would flip thru the last half of each issue anyway after the Knights' story ended.

I no longer have a monthly subscription, but with the trade paperbacks (in PDF even, so no need to find space to store) I can still get my KotDT fix.  Best of all possibilities if you ask me (and no, I'm not selling or getting rid of my older issues - I started with issue 2, and it's well worn but well loved).

From the blurb:

The Knights are embarking on their greatest adventure ever… the Bag Wars Saga! However, this is no mere compilation, but a “director’s cut” of the Bag Wars story arc including expanded and reworked versions of these fan-favorite stories from Knights of the Dinner Table, plus brand new strips, totaling over 30 pages of new material! Even better, this PDF version is in full color!
    The Strips
  • A Coming Storm
  • Scorched Earth
  • Shafted
  • The Wyrm's Curse
  • A Bagful of Troubles
  • The Barringer Rebellion
  • Go Figure!
  • Troll Story
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Bag War Four
  • The Game Audit
  • The Jackson Document
  • The Bag Raiders: Best Played Plans
  • The Bag Raiders: Of Dice and Men
  • The Bag Raiders: The Share Giver
  • The Bag Raiders: The Dark Side of the Bag
  • Ours for the Losing
    Additional Material
  • Gary Jackson's Understanding HackMagick [The J-Doc]
  • Bag Wurld Cast of Characters [KODT Bios]
(116 pages including covers, color)

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  1. Bag Wars is a great series. I haven't read the Knights since I threw my spurs at Kenzer's head, but it was an incredible comic. They would be perfect for pdf reading though there used to be some good parts to the rest of the magazine as well.


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