Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Travellin' Dice

My fiancee was helping me pack for the ride back to the city. She noticed a rattling in my messenger bag so she opened one of the compartments and found a set of polyhedral dice.

She laughed. "Do you expect a random gaming session to pop up?"

Of course I don't expect that, but ya never know.

I didn't tell her there was a second set in my computer bag. The abuse may have been a bit much ;)

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  1. That's awesome! One of my buddies still goes everywhere with a set of dice on his bag. So funny. :)

  2. I keep a set of dice in my console in my jeep. It isn't that I expect a game session to pop up as much as I think I will forget them on game day

  3. If I'm going away for two or more days I put some dice in my pocket or bagc, the wife hasn't noticed yet, someday she will and I'll blame it on the baby.

  4. I always have my "emergency" dice in the car, 'cause you never know.


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