Friday, July 22, 2011

Road Trip!

My son just texted me that he passed his road test on the first try. He is now a licensed driver, so help me God ;)

I'm half expecting him to map out a road trip in August.

Now the fight over the car begins in earnest... heh!


  1. I think it time for one of Earl's specials - $500 right off the lot. My first car was one of the those, POS, but it got me from A to B.

  2. you have to get one of your fellow officers to pull him over and make like he's gonna get a ticket... :)

  3. @padre - we will see. he may inherit the 2003 hyundai with the new tranny if i buy new in a year

    @joethelawyer - as an auxiliary, he had me pulled over one nite when i went to pick him up at the ned of his tour. the kid beat me to it ;)


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