Thursday, July 21, 2011

Turning on the Heat

I know most of the US is in the middle of a heat wave. NYC is supposed to hit 95 today, 100 tomorrow and 96 on Saturday... perfect timing for me to install new floors. Amazon is sending me a new AC for the front rooms tomorrow. Thank god for Amazon Prime free shipping ;)

Pretty much the unwritten rule with my fiancee is any discretionary spending over $100 we discuss with the other, below that we are pretty much on our own. So I mentioned the AC purchase (thumbs up) and don't need to mention most of my gaming purchases, as they tend to be well under the threshold. Planned that out well I think ;)

The plan had been to get up early Saturday before the heat set in, work on the floors for a few hours, then head into the AC to watch Netflix on Demand and stay cool. Maybe with an AC in the front two rooms, I can get more done and get ahead of the game. I still want to get some Netflix in tho' ;)

I found out last night that my fiancee may have an eye for gaming. Friday I'll dig a little deeper. More when I can talk about it.


  1. I found out last night that my fiancee may have an eye for gaming.

    That's cool. It's a great hobby to share with people.


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