Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mini Review - Knockspell #5 (Swords & Wizardry)

It's aways nice to have another issue of Knockspell to read.  Issue # 5 is no exception.

Nicely filled with an assortment of gaming goodness, it hits a sweet spot between adventures and articles.

Actually, the article on how to create adventures using Scrabble tiles as aids still has me scratching my head -  the concept works, I just don't understand how anyone thought up the concept... heh

There's a lot of stuff to read in this issue, to be used in S&W, LL or your clone of choice.

Lets see, here's the table of contents for this issue:

 2   Editor’s Note, Matt Finch
 2   Adventuring at Conventions, Tim Kask
 3   Teach Your Children, Bill Webb
 6   Out of the Bag: Generating Encounters with Scrabble Tiles, Jim Pacek
 9     Dark Gods, Al Krombach
 12   WhiteBox Weaponry, Richard Lionheart
 18   Where Dwells the Mountain God, Bill Silvey
 28   Operation Unfathomable, Jason Sholtis
 49   Weird Watery Magic of Vats and Pools,  Richard Hart
 53   Five Portable Rooms, Andrew Trent
 56   Magic Items of the High Seas, James E. Bobb and Kim Nicholson
 57   ‘Don’t Touch Anything ’: Traps in Swords &  Wizardry  WhiteBox Edition, Scott A. Murray
 59   Sorcerous Servitors, Jason Sholtis
 61   NPCs of Note, Rob Hewlett
 62   The Bestiary, Matt Finch
 62   Legal
63   Forthcoming Publications

You might recognize some of these names from other OSR type blogs.  

Good stuff.  

Only $4.95.

see?  OSR goes to the top of the review pile ;)


  1. I had even managed to missed issue 4...

  2. As the author of the Scrabble tile article, I frequently have crazy ideas. :) I went into a thrift store and they had a Scrabble game for $3. I bought it. Then I started playing with the probabilities and then it hit me. I don't use the technique often, but it does work as another way to improvise.


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