Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are Your PCs Rock Stars?

Charlie Sheen is a bit over the top lately, especially with his own self-importance (understatement), but how far is he from long term PCs in some campaigns?

Yes, I know the difference between reality and gaming, but think about it. When your PCs hit name level in AD&D, they are living on the edge. They could retire and live off their found treasures for a lifetime, but instead they continue to adventure, face danger, gain even more fame - they must have tiger blood or something ;)

Of course, you can't "win" in AD&D (another recent Sheenism).

Yeah, I'm rambling, but not as bad as Charlie. I'm watching the train wreck, and it seems to be in slow motion... it really is occupying too much of my brain these days ;)


  1. Well, you can't waste time crying abou it.
    Sob, sob, boo-frickin'-hoo

    Anyway. . .

    I wouldn't say my players' characters are rock stars, even if some townsfolk still throw stones at them. Some have been able to retire to the realm of NPC'dom. But once they have tasted the 'tiger blood' it's hard to give up the chase.

    There are always bigger baddies waiting around the corner.

  2. So, effectively, name level PCs are the Rolling Stones. That is a really sad thought.

    That's why most of my characters take unbelievably stupid risks and die before 3rd level.

    Because it's a game, and the game isn't fun unless it's dangerous.

    Better to go out like Brian Jones than hang on like Mick Jagger. At some point, you're no longer playing a character but a caricature.


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