Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Looking For an Old Advenure

With all the stuff going on in great state of Wisconsin, my memory has been partially prodded. I seem to recall an adventure in the pre-3e days, where the theme was the unionization of a bunch of overworked workers. I doubt it was in a stand alone adventure, so it was probably in Dungeon Magazine.

Anyone else have a better recollection? Or is my middle aged addled mind doing things to me again?

Crap, it could have been a Paranoia mission...


  1. Reminds me of the short story "United Imp" from The Purple Pterodactyls. If it was a fantasy setting that is...

  2. There was a series of adventures written by Frank Metzer (sp?), one of which was called "To the Aid of Falx" and others... I can't remember all of their names but they were originally written for the RPGA and then assembled into a 'mega-module' that I can't remember the name of for 2e.
    Early in the adventure the players are summoned to 'Nimbortan,' a town where the workers have recently started to get replaced by amiable and simple-minded servants called 'slinks' who work tirelessly and for no pay. The players are asked to discover where the slinks are coming from. Nimbortan is a town where they get a valuable liquid called 'earthsblood' (which is like oil) out of the ground.
    I was a player in the adventure many years ago and we had fun with it. At some point there was a minor workers rebellion when we played it.

  3. I looked it up. The assembled adventure is called "The Egg of the Phoenix." The town witht he worker's rebellion is just in the first part.

  4. @limpey - that might be it... i hate when something tugs on the edge of my brain like this ;)


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