Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review - Tunnels & Trolls 7.5e - The Rulebook - Part 4

This should wind down the main rulebook overview / review.

Spells in T&T.  You either love them, or you hate them.  Not for game reason tho'.  Game-wise its a pretty tight system.  Each spell has a Level, WIZ Cost (which lowers as the character advances in level), Duration, Range, whether or not it can be powered up and then, of course, the spell description.  It's actually very well done without being overly complicated.

Nope, the love or hate is due to the Spell Names:  Upsidaisy (levitate), Healing Feeling (cure disease), Dum-Dum (lowers target's INT), Slush-Yuck (rock to mud) and of course, the (in)infamous Take That You Fiend! (TTYF - a basic attack spell).

Tunnels & Trolls doesn't take itself too seriously, although it's easy to play it as a serious game.  T&T is a flexible, lite hearted system.  If the action isn't covered in the rules, it can probably be covered with a Saving Roll (think ability or skill check, depending on where you are coming from).  Which is great, as good players  think out of the box, and a good RPG system will encourage that.

For those asking, the more I read the T&T rules, the more I like them.  Fun is more important then game balance, which I think has been forgotten in D&D's later incarnations.

Working a late one tomorrow.  Think I'll roll thru a T&T solo in the morning.  Wish me luck.  Some are more killer then the worst Killer DMs ;)


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