Friday, October 22, 2010

The Postman Delivers!

I always find it interesting that packages from a few states away can take 3 weeks to arrive, and other packages from across the country show up in a few days.  Gotta love the US Postal Service!  Huzzah!

Anyhow, the 2 packages that were in my mailbox today were both Tunnels & Trolls related.  The first was the T&T 30th Anniversary 7e Tin.  I like the tin even if it is smaller then the 7.5e Boxed Set.

Items of note:  a 32 page Alternative Rules booklet in addition to the 7e rules.  I need to give this a closer look.  Oh, and of course the CD, which includes (amongst other things) a greatly expanded equipment list and a copy of the T&T Computer game from 1990.  I'll need to boot my PC to give it a try later.

The other package had a signed copy of Monsters! Monsters! and two signed copies of A Fragmented History of Trollworld.  Very nice.  A weekend of reading awaits.

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