Sunday, October 17, 2010

Review - Tunnels & Trolls 7.5e - The Rulebook - Part 3

Alright, where was I?

Uhm, combat.  Your weapon will decide the number of dice (d6) in combat, and you get Personal Adds, which are added to the total die roll.  That is compared to your adversaries dice and adds (usually in direct correlation to its MR, or Monster Rating).  The difference is the amount of damage done to the loser.  If there are multiple characters / adversaries on each side, the dice totals on each side is added, and the losing side takes the damage (distributed amongst its members).

Armor blocks a certain amount of damage points - Warriors get to double the points that their armor blocks.  Damage is taken from CON.  Time or a Poor Baby spell heals damage.

Spite Damage is derived from each "6" rolled... even the winning side can suffer from Spite Damage.

Personal Adds are derived from 4 of your attributes... each point over 12 is +1 Personal Add.

That's the basics of combat.  The side that can maximize it's numbers in combat while minimizing it adversaries numbers in active combat will have the advantage (with the enclosed encounters from Fiery Dragon, T&T can almost become  tactical RPG).

Now spells, Saving rolls and other variables obviously will change things, but that is why you are playing a roleplaying game and not a wargame.   The combat system is pretty flexible, and the MR system allows for quick changing of monsters combat ability if you goofed in your adventure design (when the TPK is the GM's fault, not a result of poor play on the side of the players - or if the players are steamrolling everything).  Heck, the MR system allows for the quick design of monsters and adversaries, thereby allowing the GM to keep things fresh.  If only Raggi had a similar system for LotFP Weird Fantasy ;)

Spells are a whole other kettle of fish.  I'll get to them next...

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