Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adding My 15 Bits

Okie, so it looks looks like everyone is doing their list of 15 games.  Can't blame them, as pretty much every list I've looked at has had a few games that made me go "Damn!  I wish I had a chance to play that!"

Anyhow, here's my list, in no particular order:

1 - Risk - classic set with the caltrop pieces
2 - Castles & Crusades - it made old school new
3 - AD&D - my intro to RPGs and my mainstay for years
4 - Chaos Marauders - one of our mainstays when we didn't have a full group for the gaming session
5 - Rifts - insane game, maybe that's why my first character was a "Crazy" ;)
6 - MERP - a fun alternative to AD&D.  Bolas were a dangerous weapon against the PCs
7 - Baldur's Gate Series - When all you had were yourself... and an insane Ranger
8 - Spacemaster - I ran this more often then Traveller
9 - Everquest - Because Ultima Online taught me the true meaning of the word "grief"
10 - Tunnels & Trolls - playing with yourself can be fun.  Git your mind outa the gutter!  Besides, its fun for group play too ;)
11 - Battlelords of the 23rd Century - I never understood the rules, but the guns were big and we had fun playing
12 - Nuclear War - sometime you just need to nuke someone
13 - Warhammer FRP - it was a blast the first time around, and Dark Hearsay was the first Fantasy Grounds campaign I played in
14 - Ultima Series - Sometimes a good story beats lame graphics
15 - Anarchy Online - a MMORPG that also supported solo play? go figure


  1. I've always had a soft spot for Rifts, though it didn't make my 15.

  2. Chaos Marauders - I almost totally forgot about that game until I read your great list.....of course many pints of beer were consumed while playing. I guess that is why my memory is a bit fuzzy but at least it is a happy nostalgic blur.

  3. WSW - those were some fun days. I'd bring it to the next Gathering of Fools, but i think it will take too long to get Daev to focus ;)


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