Saturday, October 23, 2010

October is for Oktoberfest

I left Queens for a few hours this evening to head to an Oktoberfest out on The Island (just for quick reference:  NYC is The City, unless you are already in one of NYC's outer boroughs, in which case Manhattan is The City; any part of Long Island east of Queens is The Island).

The food was good, the beer was cold (and as we were guests of the beer distributer that was supplying the beer, it was all free... WOOT!).  My girl and I did notice an interesting crossover tho... the German band was mixing Irish drinking songs into their selections, and singing them in German!  It was a frikkin' hoot.  Of course, my German is piss poor, so I was singing the songs I recognized in English ;)

Imagine when the Dwarf in the party catches the local Elfin Bard singing his land's drinking ballad in Elvish... or worse, the goblins they come across in the dungeon are singing it in their tongue... fun for all if you ask me :)

1 comment:

  1. Elfin bards or goblins singing in broken dwarf would make for a very interesting night of adventuring for a party with at least one dwarf.

    Was it at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant? That places rules.


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