Thursday, September 30, 2010

Picking Thru the OCE (D&D 6th Printing) Box

I have been trying to pick a copy of the OCE (Original Collector's Edition) of Dungeons & Dragons for a while, but the prices were out of whack compared to what I could pay at Troll & Toad (or is it Toad & Troll).  In any case, I got my copy today, and I'm very happy with it.  The box is VG/FN but the books are all VF to NM.  What better way to end a month then by starting to read thru the original D&D rules.

I can already see that I'm glad I have a copy of Chainmail on the way, as there are many references to the rules that started it all.  Maybe Chainmail has a reference to the size die one rolls to determine HP.  From the example shown, the range rolled falls from 1 to 6, so a safe assumption could be made that 6 sided dice are rolled, but I have yet to see it spelled out.

Advancing beyond name level is explained, with the painful exception of experience points required beyond name level. 

The AC charts cover from 2 (plate and shield) thru 9 (no armor).  If magic brings the AC below 2 one can extrapolate easy enough, but it is a bit of an omission (at least in retrospect).  Hmm, or magic doesn't change the AC, just the base scores to hit, but that's the same thing but more complicated.

Saving Throws:  Everyone advancedon the same table, just at different rates.  Just like the Combat Charts.  But then shouldn't the charts have been set up in the same fashion?  Levels from top to bottom and save type from left to right would have worked just as well for the Combat Charts as they did for Saving Throws.  I know, Monday Morning Quarterbacking and all that jazz ;)

More reading ahead for me.  Later

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  1. Chainmail is all d6s. Polyhedral dice were extremely rare back then. You could get them from teacher supply stores because they were platonic solids (geometry). And d20s were slightly more available than the rest.

    The reason ACs range from 2 to 9 is that, for a time, the way to roll to hit was roll two dice equal to or below target's AC. Magic bonus would increase the number needed to hit. e.g. A +2 weapon against AC 3 would require a 5 or lower to be rolled.

  2. Interesting history there. Thanks GSV.


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