Friday, October 1, 2010

To Review, or Not Review... That is the Question

I haven't been keeping up with my usual reviews.

Part of the reason has been a shortage of actual releases that I have an interest in. If there is no chance i'd ever use the piece, why waste my time and that of the publisher. I do have one or two reviews that I might get to this weekend. Time will tell.

The rest of the reason? I'm simply having way too much fun going thru my classic ebay purchases. When I get my package from Flying Buffalo full of Tunnels & Trolls goodness, watch out world! Heh


  1. If I don't get a review with all the ass-kissing that I do, why should these other products be any different?

    Just kidding ;)

  2. Wait, I can review your stuff? Damn, and here I was keeping quiet cause I thought I was under Quasi-NDA ;)

  3. Well, for Synapse. Not for Statecraft just yet.


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