Wednesday, September 29, 2010

B2 - You Sunk My BorderKeep!

I just received my TSR Silver Anniversary Boxed Collector's set from Ebay - still sealed in the original wrap.  Of course, the first thing I did was rip the sucker open! heh.

B2 is the first reprint I've looked at so far.  (My original copy of B2 is packed away "somewhere").  Damn but they packed a lot into a 28 page module back then.

I like the nice touch of including a 2 sided D&D reference sheet with perforations for "easy removal".  It always good to have a cheat sheet, especially for new gamers.  Lets see, the sheet has:

-Magic-User spell lists thru Third Level spells,
-Cleric spell lists for First and Second Level spells
(These lists are name only - no data, but its a cheat sheet, so that's fine)
-Saving Throw Table
-Equipment and Weapon Listing with prices
-Wandering Monster Tables for dungeon levels 1 to 3
-Cleric Turning Table thru level 3
-Die Roll For Character to Score a Hit, By  Opponent's Armor Class (To Hit Table) for Normal Man and Characters of 1-3
-To Hit Tables for Monsters thru 11 HD+

That's a friggin' nice cheat sheet.  A decent DM could run an adventure with just that sheet for reference.  Very well done.

Okay - Time to read some more.  Can't wait for my White Box to arrive.  Amazing what a little cash overtime can do.  (Besides, I need to "Grandfather" some purchases before the young lady receives full veto power ;)


  1. I hear you. I am treading on thin ice with my recent terrain acquisitions. :)

  2. In 1980 like many people, (because it came in the basic set), The Keep on the Borderlands (B2) was the first D&D module that I ever played. It was not my first rpg because I played a lot of Traveller in the late 70's....But B2 started my love for D&D. It is nice to see that there is re-printing avaliable for new players to enjoy and also avaliable for gamer veterans to recall the fun times they had playing that module years ago.

  3. yep... course the reprint was from 1999 i think. cheap enough used on ebay ;)


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